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Twitter, twitter, little bird/ How I wonder what thou art…

twitter bird

I really had no idea what was so special about Twitter when it had just started to catch on. I would overhear snippets of conversation at work, where my co-workers would compare notes on their tweets. And, invariably, I always felt left out.

So, I joined the bandwagon. Then, left it. Then, rejoined it. Sure, it’s a unique  idea. 140 characters of self-expression, because with regular blogs, we do tend to go on and on into too many personal details, don’t we?

I understand the need for fans worldwide to follow the daily lives of their favourite stars (or, in my case, authors). But doesn’t  it disappoint you fellows when their tweets reveal their shallowness (and their inability to spell)? Don’t they then crash from that imaginary pedestal in your heads? However, let us not forget those occasional gems that we stumble across due to pure serendipity, like Rahul Khanna’s witticisms and Arjun Basu’s flash fiction. 
But, tell me, what about those self-absorbed mortals whose self-importance makes them update their status every few seconds via their fancy blackberries? Is it necessary to update every single moment of one’s life on twitter? : “I am shitting. The consistency looks weak. Cheese sandwich at the deli looked suspect”. No shit. (Pun fully intended).
I think Twitter can be great if used properly. Keeps you up-to-date with the latest news (eg. sepiamutiny). Also, its perfect for self-promotion (for upcoming stars/writers/artists etc.). And as Shobhaa De tweeted on Jan 12th, 9:44 am: “To tweet or not to tweet, that is the question.Tweet equals trouble.Ask Shashi T.Ask me!Don’t believe everything on twitter,esp breakin news”.
Tweet responsibly, tweeple!


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