Fiction & Poetry



“Portrait of an Ex-Lover” in Rose Red Review; Nominated for Best of the Net.


“The Scar” (audio) in 4’33″ (it’s # 56).

“Dance Off” in One Forty Fiction.

“Emerald Eyes” in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure.

“Dreamer” in One Forty Fiction.

“Boys will be Boys” in Map Literary.

Two stories in Urban Shots – Crossroads (India: Grey Oak/Westland).

“The Love Game” in Daily Love.

“Options” in Crack the Spine.


“Those Sri Lankan Boys” – Selected for Diaspora Dialogues Youth Mentoring Program (Mentor: Rabindranath Maharaj).

“A Death Fantasy” in Corvus Magazine.

“The Crows’ Feast” – Shortlisted for the Urban Shots Short Stories Competition, India.



“Memories of Sound” in nthposition. (forthcoming)

“Sublime” (audio) in Voicemail Poems.


“sati” (electronic) in Diverse Voices Quarterly.

“Blood Red Sky” and “Mr and Mrs Andrews Without Their Heads” in the Winter issue of Pyrta.

“sati” (print) in Bare Hands Anthology.

“Cannibal 2″ in Subliminal Interiors.

“Cannibal,” “Fasting and Feasting” (reprint) and “Heartbreak” in Danse Macabre.

“Fasting and Feasting,” “Ghazal of Desire” and “Young Lovers” in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure.

“Europa’s Lament” in Black Fox Literary Magazine (See pages 11 and 12 of Issue 4).

“Snow White’s Stepmother” in Spudgun Magazine (See pages 30 and 31).

“In Transit” and “Respectable” in Red River Review.


“Paperboat Promises” in The Montucky Review.

“Sublime”in Red Poppy Review (now known as Poppy Road Review).

“The Lady” and “Noises” in Asia Writes.

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