“Smile” – Grand prize winner in #FirstImpression category – Global Engagement Photography Contest at Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario.


“Freedom Colour,” “Touch,” “Touch 2,” Synesthesia,” “Conversation” and “Rhapsody” in Jaggery: A Desilit Arts and Literature Journal.

“Shades of Pink,” COMPLEXion exhibition, Toronto, Canada.

“Bride and Bride” and “Freedom Colour,” The Femail Project exhibition, ARTicle Gallery, Birmingham, UK.

“Bride and Bride” – Featured on the Queen’s University Gender Studies website (until 2015).

“Fervour” in Specter Magazine

“Fervour” – 2nd place winner – and “Together, we can” – 1st place winner – in 5th Annual QUIC International Photo Contest, Kingston, Ontario.

“Fishbowl” in CURA.


“Leap of Faith,” “Pygmalion,” “I Wish…” and “Lineage” in The Misfit Quarterly.

“Synastry” (cover), “Communion,” “Affinity” and “Rainbow” in the September issue of Barely South Review.

“Cock a Doodle Dead” and “Prisoner” in issue 6 of Penduline Press.

“Cock a Doodle Dead” – Chosen and published as one of the Daily Dozen on National Geographic website.

“Leftovers” in Carnival Magazine.

“Dirty Laundry” in Black Fox Literary Magazine (page 131 of issue #4).

“Fasting and Feasting,” “Death and Dying” and “The Hand that Kills”  in Volume 6 of scissors and spackle.

To see my portfolio, visit my Flickr stream.

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