Going on a hiatus, because comps.

Aye, I must take your leave, albeit temporarily.

I have my comprehensive exams in April (a rite of passage of sorts, for doctoral students) and must disconnect.

Don’t look for me on social media until mid April-ish. I won’t be there.

If you must get in touch, try email. Or, call (if we happen to know each other well-ish, you should have my contact). I promise to respond. Eventually.

Meanwhile, wish me luck. Because comps.


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2 responses to “Going on a hiatus, because comps.

  1. Best of luck to you! I hope it all goes as smooth as possible. When it’s over, I would like to hear about your research. Also, don’t forget to take care of yourself…and remember to breathe!

    • Thank you! For sure, would love to talk about my research. However, the comprehensive exams only cover my chosen area in literature, which is Postcolonial lit and theory. My specialized area exam (in December of this year) will be addressing my research directly.

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