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Mr and Mrs Andrews Without Their Heads


Mr and Mrs Andrews Without Their Heads (1998) by Yinka Shonibare

Towards the end of last summer, in a spurt of (spend)thriftiness, I ended up buying a bunch of literary magazines. I wanted to write something that would match the caliber of the likes of Granta, The New Yorker, Paris Review et al.

I also ended up engaging in a belated NaPoWriMo. The effort only lasted upto mid August, but in the process, I ended up coming up with a bunch of poems. The styles and content of these poems were nothing like anything I had ever penned before. To be honest, I thought they were shit (not the shit, just shit).

Two of these poems are now in Pyrta.

While “Mr and Mrs Andrews Without Their Heads” is based upon a photo of an art piece by the same name in an issue of Granta (I had purchased back then), “Blood Red Sky” draws from the title of my novel-in-progress.

Read them here, in the 2012 Winter Issue of Pyrta.

As well, check out some of the awesome poets featured in the same issue such as  Goirick Brahmachari, Aseem Kaul, Alexander Callum Harrison, Ishita Bhaduri, Namita Krishnamurthy, among others.



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