Pulp! goes my Fiction

Yes, I actually own this book.

I am not pulp. Pulp is not me. What I mean is… I don’t do pulp, never did. Not even when I picked up Tamil Pulp Fiction Vols. I and II on my recent trip to India (out of curiosity, of course).

A contest, however, caught my eye. Challenged me not only by its word limit (100 words or under), but also by its genre. Yes, “pulp” it was.

My non-pulp pulp fiction piece, “Emerald Eyes” (which is exactly 100 words!),  for Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure’s Summer Contest Series No. 1: “Hurley Pulp” can be read here.


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9 responses to “Pulp! goes my Fiction

  1. sankhanil

    my email id changed…the new one is sankhanilsaha7316@gmail.com

  2. And boy! Do I love the cover of Tamil Pulp Fiction! Thanks for putting it up.
    You should accompany all your posts with an interesting image.

  3. +1 Never imagined one could capture such a neat tale in just 100 words.

  4. sankhanil

    thnx for the book “the Butterfly generation”.. its really a nice one, edgy and stunning. also happy to hear that u are well now. could u send me ur email id ( my previous account is history now, due to some callousness on behalf of google and me…)

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