Fasting and Feasting

I am slightly upset, but I am trying not to show it. Writers are supposed to have personas that are never upset, and ever smiling. If we are upset, we are supposed to pour out our upset-ness into our creativity.

Last week, three of my poems were accepted by the same publication. After I did a little jig around my bedroom, I realised my ghazal was going to be up first. I was happy. It had been written with a specific purpose in mind. Today would have been the perfect day for its inauguration.

But no, the editors decided for reasons of their own to publish one of my other poems. I would never argue with an editor unless they messed with my actual work (which thankfully, has happened only twice in my memory, and both of the editors I am afraid, were rather inept.). So, even though I love the publication and the very approachable editors, I am slightly upset. Slightly pouting. Slightly sulky.

What a start to a weekend, eh?

My poem, “Fasting and Feasting,” based on one of my photographs of the same name, is now in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure. You can read it here.

Two more of my poems and a short pulp fiction piece are forthcoming in Dr. Hurley’s Snake-Oil Cure. Watch this space.


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4 responses to “Fasting and Feasting

  1. x4aneitantnoca1987

    Reblogged this on Tara Marquez Diary.

  2. Shannon McKeogh

    Well done on getting published! I think writers are allowed to be upset but they have to be careful where they show it. One must avoid social media to express these concerns. It is probably best to sit in the shower with a glass of wine and wait til you feel a bit better.

    • Oh I wasn’t as upset as the time this one editor changed the tense of my entire story and published it without following up. That hurt so much, I went into hibernation for a month. In this case, I was sort of disappointed and the editors are really a good bunch, so it was more of a tantrum mode than anything. I am sure they get it.

      And, thanks!

      • Shannon McKeogh

        I understand. I’m thinking of doing a blog post about editors. I have recently had to edit for my blog post series. I am a shocking editor and its a hard job. Also because writers don’t like changes without being told!

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