A sip or a spoonful won’t do/ No, I want it all.*

You did.

*Poison Cup by M. Ward.

You meet a stranger for coffee. It’s not a date.

Coffee leads to dinner.

Dinner leads to Saturday night plans.

Saturday night leads to Sunday morning.

And a few more meetings.

And then, you say your goodbyes. You fly off to another country. A month later, he will be gone too.

There are six months to kill.

There are no promises made. No commitments. Zilch expectations.

But you guys keep in touch. Talk often (He doesn’t want you for a pen pal). Skype for hours and stare at each other’s faces.

Then he says something and messes up. Makes you angry  (and breaks your heart). You slip up just to prove a point (and end up hurting him).

Then you guys become strangers. Formal and superficial.

You miss him. But you seal your lips (and try and seal your heart too).

There are four more months to kill.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Two of my (love) poems, “In Transit” and “Respectable,” are in the February issue of Red River Review (To read, click on February 2012 issue, and check out #73 and #78).


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2 responses to “A sip or a spoonful won’t do/ No, I want it all.*

  1. Janet Johnson

    The internet says it’s “one,” but the song really really sounds like it’s “wine”. Plus, it would make more sense…

    “Wine, wine, wine, one or two won’t do, ’cause I want it all…and a sip, a sip, a sip or a spoonful won’t do, no, I want it all.”


    • Whoa, you must really love wine!!

      “One” does make sense. He is talking about love, afterall. Think about it:

      One or two won’t do/ Cause I want it all.

      He is saying, love cannot be quantified. To want it and to get it, one must have it all. Bits and pieces will only increase the torment.

      Also, he compares love to a poison cup, and talks of drinking from it.

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