“The Lady,” plus one

Vanessa Bell's "The Tub" (1917)

Her entry into my life was abruptly dramatic. A fortuitous serendipity, perhaps.

There I was. Flipping through The Longman Anthology of British Literature, when I was stunned into a compulsive standstill by Vanessa Bell’s “The Tub” (1917).

How could I disregard that face? The blush had me arrested. And thus, “The Lady” was born.

On an impulse, I sent the poem to Asia Writes. They were more than happy to offer her a home. But they also wanted a companion.

What joy! “The Lady” would not suffer unbearable loneliness.

Both “The Lady” and “Noises” were published by Asia Writes on 8th July  2011. You can read them here.

(And, I probably need to stop writing in hyperboles. Sigh.)



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4 responses to ““The Lady,” plus one

  1. Astha

    Sounds perfect! Look forward to your email!

    • Hey Astha,

      Sorry, I have been unable to send you that email. I am still stuck in the hellish nightmare of thesis corrections. Once I am done (hopefully, soon), I will send you that email.


  2. Astha

    Hi Sanchari,

    This comment is not so much on this post, as on your entire blog and on the two poems published in Asia Writes on July 8. I really liked your poetry and your writing struck me as extremely honest and heartfelt (especially your post on what you seek to achieve as a writer – how candid and beautiful!). I have been previously published in Asia Writes as well, and was pondering over your thoughts behind your two poems – would love to discuss, should you have the time 🙂

    Take care and good luck!

    • Hello Astha,

      Thank you for dropping by and taking the time to read some of my stuff. I remember reading your poem “Blinders” and wondering how I had often thought about people’s herd mentality, and how you had captured that perfectly in your poem.

      I would love to have a one-to-one. How about I drop you an email towards the end of July?

      Best wishes,

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