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“The Lady,” plus one

Vanessa Bell's "The Tub" (1917)

Her entry into my life was abruptly dramatic. A fortuitous serendipity, perhaps.

There I was. Flipping through The Longman Anthology of British Literature, when I was stunned into a compulsive standstill by Vanessa Bell’s “The Tub” (1917).

How could I disregard that face? The blush had me arrested. And thus, “The Lady” was born.

On an impulse, I sent the poem to Asia Writes. They were more than happy to offer her a home. But they also wanted a companion.

What joy! “The Lady” would not suffer unbearable loneliness.

Both “The Lady” and “Noises” were published by Asia Writes on 8th July  2011. You can read them here.

(And, I probably need to stop writing in hyperboles. Sigh.)



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