Deepak Chopra (and I) at ideacity 2011

With Deepak Chopra at ideacity 2011, Toronto

I took a few hours out of my temporary exile today to interview Deepak Chopra at ideacity, Toronto. How could I miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?

I had interviewed Dr. Chopra’s daughter, Mallika Chopra, last year at ideacity as well (you can check out her interview here). So when I received a media invite from ideacity this year about Dr. Chopra’s upcoming talk and a possibility to interview him after, I had to go.

To know more about what he said at the conference and what he thinks about how social media impacts collective consciousness, keep your eyes peeled here. The interview and more pics will be up by mid /end October. Till then, back to my temporary thesis shelter made out of photocopied articles, academic books and tons of paper covered with my writing.  Aah, (grad)life!

Photo credit: Mariellen Ward (although, all the fancy editing stuff was done by yours truly!)

Update: So, I never actually got around to writing and publishing the interview. Life sort of took over. And, by the the time I became aware of what I should have done, a year had passed. For now, the interview resides on my digital recorder. 


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5 responses to “Deepak Chopra (and I) at ideacity 2011

  1. Rishi

    STILL looking forward to this!

  2. Nice! Fancy watermark editing, S! So is he a fraud or what? My eyes are totally peeled. Post awaited.

    • Picasa 3 works wonders, and is easier to use than photoshop!

      Is he a fraud? Funny, somebody else asked me that as well. Can’t say for sure. He certainly has a more charismatic presence, even more than Rushdie (and is certainly better looking too!). Whatever he may be, he sure knows his stuff.

  3. Sayon

    i loved the pic. you look so sweet.. 🙂 loved it…

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