A Self-Imposed Exile

Chained to my work

Some people never learn. Their inner alarms either fail to go off on time, or they just breeze through life pretending everything is hunky dory on the surface, even if they might be panicking inside. I am one of those people. Welcome to my life.

Last year, I took a risk when I signed up for the thesis option. At the Master’s level in English, there are easier ways to get a degree. Being enrolled in actual courses, instead of trudging through a 100 page thesis by yourself with your advisor for company, is a pretty good one.

I am lucky. My advisor is a sweetheart. Supportive, yet firm. Helpful without being ingratiating. But the fledgling of procrastination that I am, a self-imposed exile is my only way to salvation. Half way through, and yet, quite a way to go.

I have been distracted. By my recent move to a new house. By the blinding sunlight and chirping birds outside. By the promise of my fiction and poetry taking off from just being on my hard drive. Distractions are many. Self motivation? Not so much.

Forgive me, thus, for this self-imposed exile. I will be away for a month. Hopefully, less. Fifty pages of academic writing await me. See you on the other side.


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12 responses to “A Self-Imposed Exile

  1. temicamatl

    as i distract myself from this dissertation and discovering your blog… 😉

  2. Rishi

    See you. Good luck 🙂

  3. Do new followers get some attention?
    Being new i have an added advantage of not having read all the blog posts, and when i just glance to the right side of the screen which tells me the number of blogs which have been posted till now (me having read just three), i know i have my hands full.
    Make the sabbatical count, i sure as well have wasted many of mine.

    • Hi Tushar,

      I am glad you find my blog posts interesting enough to keep your hands full. What kind of attention are you seeking, new follower? All my followers get equal attention.


      • No No. I do not seek any special attention, rather i do not seek any attention at all. I was misconstrued. You were supposed to be in exile, i thought you would be out of touch completely hence the “plea”. Just wanted to drop in a comment. All the Best with the thesis. I will let you know about the blog posts. Cheers.

      • Aah. No worries. I am on a metaphorical exile, which does not keep me away from my emails. It’s only blogging I have taken a temporary hiatus from.

  4. Kevin and Derek,

    Those are words that make me want to work faster. 20 down, 30 to go.

  5. Sounds deadly! I don’t miss my MA days. All that sitting on desk with a lamp and sketching fingernails silver with a pencil… tsk tsk. Oh and i had a cosmetic scissor especially for split ends. Most useful desk toy. Then again, that MA didn’t go too well:)

    But you – good luck! Fifty pages = child’s play, right? 😛

    • Nimpipi! What a pleasure to see you on my blog! This must mean you are back from Shimla (but not Shimla Shimla).

      Hahah. Child’s play, indeed. Hopefully, that is how it will seem at the end of this month, when I am done with it.

  6. You do what is necessary–we will all be here when you return.

  7. Good luck. We’ll be here when you get back.

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