Breaking News: New Year Resolutions Fail… Once Again

Remember that scene in Alice in Wonderland (the Disney cartoon, not the Johnny Depp mish-mash) where the caterpillar suddenly metamorphoses into a butterfly? Is that what we hope for when we indulge into a deluge of New Year resolutions every year, before forgetting them a few days later?

Not that there is anything wrong with New Year resolutions. Some would argue they are good for you; they give you hope. I am not sure they give as much hope as they temporarily delude you into thinking that there is hope.

What if we, for a change, did not make any resolutions? What if we didn’t make promises of grandeur to ourselves only to fail once again? What if we stepped into the New Year accepting ourselves for who we are?

Changes do not happen overnight, and just a change from 2010 to 2011 should not automatically make you a whole different proactive person. I know I won’t stop procrastinating just because it’s a brand new year. Sure, I can promise myself; I can try not to give in; but like an elastic band that has been stretched too far, I will eventually snap back into place.

The New Year is supposed to be about hope, about joy, about getting drunk and forgetting your worries with simple delusions. But this year, I promise not to make any more resolutions. Since resisting the New Year tradition of resolutions is futile, this, my friend, is mine.


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2 responses to “Breaking News: New Year Resolutions Fail… Once Again

  1. Another excellent post. I totally agree with you. When I think of any true powerful resolution I have made in my life–I am going to do X, I am not going to do Y–it’s usually on the heels of some epiphany. Those types of realizations don’t just happen because a calendar turns over. Epiphanies can happen at any time–January 1, August 12., it really doesn’t matter. I think New Year’s resoutions help give us the feeling of control–but I think often there is so much out of our control. I don’t mean that in a depressing way. On the contrary, I think it’s part of what makes life so interesting.

  2. Brava! I’ve never once made a New Year’s Resolution. Except for once in high school when we had to for a class assignment. Mine was to resolve to not make resolutions.

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