All Work and No Play Makes Me a Grad Student

An edited version was published by South Asian Generation Next on 4th November 2010.

I have been meaning to write this post for a while now. But I have been busy. With grad school. 

Life as a graduate student is overrated. For one, you are always over exhausted. 

Remember that day when you received that acceptance letter in the mail? That absolute joy that filled you when you realised that you would be joining the world of academic elites, something you had deemed impossible? Remember that smugness you experienced when you announced proudly to all those waiting in the wings to judge you by your future prospects? Remember? 

Well, this “joy” is short-lived. It is squashed out of you through over work.

“Now, what is a little over work when a degree with a coveted Master or Doctorate next to your name on an official sheet of paper awaits you at the end of your journey?” you ask belligerently.

I would say nothing, except for the fact that I:

  1. Plan my life around naps: Yes, naps. An undisturbed all night’s sleep is out of the question when you are a grad student. Sleep is an inconvenience. There is just always too much to read, too much to write, too much to do!
  2. Read books with names like Dangerous Liaisons*, except they are books on feminist theory on gender and politics.
  3. Live from weekend to weekend: Weekends mean longer naps.
  4. Dream of the day when I could wake up and go back to being a carefree undergrad student: Sometimes, these dreams can become nightmares when you wake up and realise that they are nothing but dreams.
  5. Want to kill myself when I have to read endless badly written first year papers: You conveniently forget that you used to be one of them.
  6. Marvel at the lack of creativity of excuses on the part of first year students: Yes, you have been there and done ALL of that. So, when a student comes to you and says he couldn’t hand in an essay on time because he accidentally hit a deer on the way to school and then his car broke down, after which he lost his way to the university from the car repair store, you raise a sceptical eyebrow and go “Huh! Really?”
  7. Wish that I had a life beyond naps and endless reading, and then remind myself that I should be lucky to be in grad school, and then wish I had a life… all over again.
  8. Silently plot to kill my students when they hand in unstapled papers and justify themselves by saying, “but I folded the corners”. No shit.
  9. Attend 8:30 morning lectures of first year classes that I don’t belong to, but I am a TA (teaching assistant) for: You have forgotten what 8:30 classes used to be like, especially after you vowed in your first year never to take one again. Karma can be quite a bitch, huh?
  10. Nap in my office in between classes: How else do you think I get through the day?

 Ok, back to my books now.

*Dangerous Liaisons is a 1997 collection of essays on politics of gender, race and identity, edited by Anne McClintock, Aamir Mufti and Ella Shohat.


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8 responses to “All Work and No Play Makes Me a Grad Student

  1. KK

    I was just wondering where you got the comic from…or did you make it? Also – consider yourself lucky you have an office…I’ve got a desk at the end of a lab bench and it makes me sad.

    • I found the comic, thanks to google. However, the guy who had the comic up on his blog didn’t make it either, so I was unsure of who to attribute it to.

      Well, I had an office (past tense). I am almost done with my MA, and hence am not a TA anymore. It sucks that you have just a desk. Maybe when you hit Phd, they will upgrade you to an office.

  2. If I was your student, I would hate you for exposing my habits of handing in unstapled papers.

    • But why? I did not pinpoint any ONE student. This has happened not only with me but with other TAs as well. Moreover, my students are well aware of how much this annoys me. I made it very clear to them last week. I would say, if you were my student, you should learn from this instead of hating your poor TA, who has to juggle a million things in addition to marking your unstapled essay.

  3. I’m am a bit of a compulsive neurotic, but outside of that I failed your test. Still, it’s probably worth having that degree end. Although you try telling that to the Jersey Shore people who are raking in cash for doing nothing.

  4. Moushumi

    tutul, hang in there. you’ll survive (this is being written with a cup of steaming coffee, warm in my pjs, looking forward to reading and writing without the pressure of profs, undergrad students et al, in my cosy room). just kidding! you’ll get your reward at a point in time in the near future, i’m sure!

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