Day 4: Python for Breakfast

Python for Breakfast

The day started innocently enough. I was ready to take on Vancouver aboard the Big Bus. Like a pucca tourist. Do what all tourists do. Sightsee. Click. Eat. Sightsee some more.

What I didn’t count on was holding a live python early in the morning.

I took the subway from Broadway to Waterfront Station. Then, headed off to the Big Bus kiosk to get my ticket. Last night had afforded me undisturbed sleep, and I was in a perky mood.  

As I stepped outside into the sunlight and rechecked my destinations for the day, a small commotion attracted my attention. There was a man with a squirming snake – a python – around his neck and shoulders, surrounded by a tiny crowd.

I stepped closer for a better look.

“Here. Do you want to feel it?”

And, the next moment I had a snake around my neck. I could feel its muscles contracting and expanding as it struggled to move freely around and about me. The flickering tongue had me mesmerized.

“Somebody please get this off…” I found my voice.

Amidst laughter, the man reached forward and lifted the snake off me as if it weighed nothing.

With an awkward smile, I walked off to catch my Big Bus.

Photo credit: Shinjini Sur


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3 responses to “Day 4: Python for Breakfast

  1. Nice one! I had an opportunity to do the same during a tour of Bangkok. I sat on elephants there, but I knew I was too squeamish to do this (& even if I was game, my mom would transfer her extreme squeamishness onto me!
    But it’s so cool that you did this. I did however touch a live snake once while it was in the trainer’s hands. 😀

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  3. wow. You probably had one of the rarest and unexpected experience of your tour, having a phython around your neck.. I suppose only few lucky one would have had such kind of experience.

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