To be or not to be… a writer.

I did not ever think of being a writer.  Writing began as a play with words where I rhymed to make little, silly poems (When Harsha died/Varsha cried…) that delighted my parents and teachers alike. They discussed my writing skills, and subsequently, my great future, at parent-teacher meetings while I watched on with a shy smile. As a precocious little girl, I began to believe that I was destined to become a writer. My belief in my abilities as a writer was as unshakeable as Arjun’s faith in the victory of the Pandavas.

Was. Now, I am not so sure anymore. I am not old enough to mourn my lost years, but young enough to realize that I have words in me that are screaming to be let out. And, there’s time.

In the summer of 2008, I attended a book reading by Salman Rushdie, right here in Toronto. He was here to promote his book, The Enchantress of Florence. The book was a complete disaster, and I still fail to understand how it managed to reach the Booker long list that year.  However, this is neither about the book, nor about Rushdie. It is, rather, about what he said. “Don’t write, if you have nothing to say” or, something along those lines. He believed that if a person (a writer) cannot be motivated enough to write, then he/she shouldn’t even bother. Because there is already so much to read out in this wide, wide world! Now, in retrospect, I agree. What is the point of my desire to be a writer, if I cannot sit still to pen my words down? That I am distracted by facebook and twitter every few minutes?! Blasphemy, according to real writers!

I want to be a real writer. I believe I have several books in me just waiting to be written. Waiting… for me to decide to be.


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5 responses to “To be or not to be… a writer.

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  3. Divesh

    Hey Ms. Sur

    Gr8 wrk. You always had it in you. Venture out into big bad world and give the people a little faith, inspiration, a little food for thought and all that comes with your writing.

  4. Arjun

    For starters I think you’re very honest when you write and probably as a person as well. It also speaks volumes of your conviction towards writing.

    From my personal interactions with you, you come across as someone who feels strongly and passionately about several things. Which means you will have a lot to say as life progresses. However, I am in no way suggesting that you are opinionated or judgmental. On the contrary writing is probably you’re true calling since one chooses the words they use as a writer with good caution and some internal reflection. It is the mark of a thinker. And this is precisely why I believe writing is even more relevant to society today than it has ever been.

    As the youth of today I think writing, creative or not, reflects what we stand for. It is probably the only form of expression left today that allows for a true manifestation of what we as humans and as a very young world know about of ourselves.

    So I think it is very apt when you say ” I write therefore I am”. Kudos to you for leading the way miss Sur. I think the creativity and the craft will come eventually with a certain level of experience and willingness to allow for failures. I know I am looking forward to reading and enjoying you’re blogs and hopefully seeing you published someday! You my friend have the faith of Arjun. Pun intended.

  5. Shin

    First comment.
    And nice words – let them out; they’ve been waiting too long.

    That’s all.

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